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Monday will be the most important day of Adam Awkward’s life: He will take the last exam that will

allow him to become a doctor in cognitive neuroscience.

The night before, he prepares everything maniacally, arranging every object he will need on his desk.

Everything is perfect and and where it should be.

He is after all, obsessive compulsive.

Unfortunately for him, he wakes up to find out that

he is now afflicted by “Speculepsia”. 

As a neuroscience senior student, Awkward wants

to make sense of his disorder and tries desperately to make it through the day and pass the exam that will make him a doctor.

His obsessive personality might however prove a

bigger obstacle than usual.

SPECULEPSIA: A condition of the brain in which

reality appears to be the mirrored version of itself.

RIGHT becomes LEFT and vice versa.

(from Latin -speculum ‘mirror’ + Greek -opsia ‘seeing)

“Composition is the soul of organization:

without each other the first one would be futile

and the second one sterile.

Is that why I don’t have a girlfriend?”

Adam Awkward.

Click below to listen to “Morning Panic”

from the soundtrack composed and conducted by

Luca Ciut

and performed by the Awkward String Quartet:

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